Our favorite season of the year is here, with long days, fresh flowers, fireworks, beach visits, music festivals, pool parties, ice cream, naps in the sun and tan lines. Summer brings inspiration and another start to something new. For a lot of us, we like to  step out and sit along our pool deck or head out to the beach for a fun filled day with friends or family. Even that morning cruise along our shores.


Well before you head out, are your swimsuits in order? When was the last time you taken a look at them, hopefully not faded or too out of date. I know how difficult it can be to find that perfect swimsuit. Looking though racks of colors, thinking is this for me? It sometimes feels like a quest, maybe that is why I bring my girl friends along, without the swords, shield and magic spells. 


So what makes sense when selecting a swim suit? Is it the material, color, style or cut that makes the grade? This is dependent on you and your own chic sense. The right fit and shape is essential to being comfortable and looking good. I believe you should stay within the basic rules and having options is key to owning more than one swimsuit is essential.  Then get a knowledgeable sales person to help you along your quest. From there you can experiment with fun colors and patterns. After all you are trying to look your best, when you are having a great time in the sun.


Pick swimwear to bring out your best asset; while minimizing others.  Example, like to minimize your  midsection, look to a tankini in a solid color. I think their great due to the new designs and how it can be easy to mix and match them. Are you slender? Then how about a two piece, they come in very exotic styles and colors as well. Have a large bottom-half select a one piece or even a full coverage brief, no stripes, look for solids and maybe some simple prints. It is important to note that first you nude celebrities must be comfortable; you don’t need a swimsuit that is too tight in the bust or bottom.


No matter what your body type or select a style which works best for you. A good fitting swimsuit makes a statement. It shouldn’t ride up, move around, bunch up, or get caught in places it shouldn’t. As you test drive a car, do the same when hunting for swimwear, jump up and down, swat, bend and twist. If it doesn’t move, you will have a swimsuit that you can relax and play confidently in.