We’re not sure why limited edition products hold so much appeal. But they somehow always manage to pop up on our radar. Maybe, It is because there’re so good? Are they too precious a resource to waste on anyone but the aficionados? Whatever the reason there’s no denying the irresistible pull of something that is exclusive.


The brand Paemisa, was launched in January 2012 by Paemisa Swatphakdi. She having worked previously as a buyer for luxury brands, created a unique line for women to not only show off their strength, but inner beauty; “I’ve always had a passion for lingerie” states Paemisa. I believe every woman should have the best of both worlds when it comes to lingerie – quality and price.

My objective is to create an affordable line that is accessible to all women who love designs, colors, and comfort to fit their personality. The design is my take on modern lingerie created for modern women. Our esthetic shows through in the use of quality fabrics, hardware, youthful play on shapes and colors. Every piece in the collection is made in-house and is exclusive and limited. It’s all about incorporating new pieces into porno gay your wardrobe, mixing and matching, and having fun.

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