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Love in the air for woman over 40

Traditionally a blushing bride is on the underside of 26 years old. Couples have been planning their nuptials for months, perhaps up to a year or more. She has chosen a romantic floral bouquet; they’ve sampled the perfect tiered cake; invited fabulous guests; lamented over heavenly gowns, this all prior to the day they walk down the aisle to recite their vows.


The day has finally arrived! For any bride, no matter what her age, the wedding day is a day like no other. It is a magical day …

Next Level Thinkers

Next Level Thinkers was founded by brothers Frank and Phillip Savage both Lee County School District Educators with one clear goal in mind: to directly target the highest performing young students in Southwest Florida, and to truly challenge them in ways they are not being challenged within the schools, in order to promote within them a greater understanding of and passion for math.

It is the mission of Next Level Thinkers to focus on those students being in large part ignored by the curr…