Nearly everyone hot milfs in the country (or 95 percent of Americans) wish they had the power to change something about themselves right now, but exactly what they would change is surprising. Even while so many Americans are underemployed or unemployed and have been struggling in a volatile job market, a new survey* by StriVectin, a leading anti-aging skin care company, finds that more people would rather improve their looks (55 percent) than their job situation (35 percent). In fact, more than a third of Americans (36 percent) also said they would feel more empowered by looking five years younger than by getting a promotion at work. That number increases to 52 percent with the 45 plus crowd.


Coinciding with the release of this new national survey, StriVectin is introducing The Power to Change Campaign to help and inspire women to bring powerful and positive change to their skin and to their lives.  People are encouraged to share the powerful change they want to make for themselves and for others by entering The Power to Change contest at StriVectin will help one lucky winner achieve that powerful change with a $30,000 grand prize and 14 runner up prizes of $500 worth of StriVectin products.


“With StriVectin, you have the power to change the course of how your skin ages, but real change comes from both the inside and out,” said Jill Scalamandre, Creative Marketing Officer nude celebrities for StriVectin. “We hope that our campaign and contest will inspire women everywhere to make powerful and positive changes in their lives and for the lives others.”


The new survey data shows that 70 percent of women want to change their looks, and nearly half of all men (45 percent) felt the same way. While the West Coast is more commonly known for its attention to beauty and glamour, the survey found that more Northeasterners (66 percent) than those in any other regions of the country (56 percent) wished they could change their appearance. Ironically, more people were also interested in improving their looks (55 percent) than their self-esteem (36 percent).



Americans aren’t only looking to better themselves, but also wish they had the power to change members of the opposite sex. In fact, the data indicates that the insecurities from both sexes may stem from miscommunication. According the survey, most men (77 percent) wish women were better at taking compliments, and conversely, the majority of women (67 percent) wish men could be more sensitive. Although high on both of their wish lists, women wish that men would communicate better (83 percent of women vs. 66 percent of men) and be more open to change (67 percent of women vs. 54 percent of men).


Both sexes expressed a desire for an increase in intimacy from the opposite sex. More than half of all men (54 percent) and nearly one in five women (19 percent) wish that members of the opposite gender would have a stronger appetite for sex.


Americans who want to change themselves for the better also think the best doctor to help them get the job done is Dr. Oz. More than two in five Americans (41 percent) think the talk show host is more likely than other famous doctors, including Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Phil, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Robert Rey of Dr. 90210, to have the power to positively impact American lives.



From now through June 1st, 2012, people can go to to enter the competition. Entrants must explain what they would change with $30,000 in a brief summary of 100 to 150 words along with a photo. Submissions porno gay will be voted on by the public through June 4th, 2012. Votes will be tallied and the top qualifying 15 finalists will create videos further detailing their changes. Public voting on the videos will take place from July 9th through July 25, 2012, and the grand prize winner will be announced on or after August 1st, 2012. There will be 14 runner-up winners who will receive $500 worth of StriVectin products.