When it comes to swimsuits, it goes without saying that one size or style does not fit all. According to Author and Founder of www.beyondtheboobietrap.com, Genae Girard, this statement could not ring more true for women that are breast cancer survivors. Girard partnered with Lands’ End to help identify the best selection of high-quality, flattering swimsuits that would suit the various post breast cancer experiences of women. Girard reviewed hundreds of Lands’ End swimsuit options and selected more than 50 swimsuit styles that would meet the needs of breast cancer survivors in three categories: suits with prosthesis pocket, suits without prosthesis pockets and comfortable swimsuit bottoms.

“As a Lands’ End customer and milf porn breast cancer survivor, I knew Lands’ End had so many beautiful swimsuit options outside of the mastectomy collection that would suit the needs of post-reconstruction breast cancer survivors like myself,” said Girard. “I am proud to partner with the swim design team to help identify even more stylish swimsuit options from Lands’ End’s regular swimsuit collection for women that have had different types of reconstruction.”

2012 Lands’ End Mastectomy Swimwear Collection Listening to and working with mastectomy swimwear customers has always been an important part of the design process at Lands’ End. As a result, this swim season, women shopping for swimsuits in the Mastectomy Collection at Lands’ End will have more choices than ever before.

“At Lands’ End, our goal is to offer beautiful swimwear designed to help women feel feminine and confident while participating in all of summer’s favorite water activities,” said Erin McCormick, swimwear merchandise manager, Lands’ End. “To do this, we listen to our customers – especially breast cancer survivors – to design and offer the most flattering and comfortable swimsuits to fit their swim needs.”

Lands’ End Mastectomy swim hot lesbian porn categories include:

  • Prosthesis Pocket Swimsuits - All suits are designed with a soft-cup bra constructed for additional support; bra and liner hold the prosthesis in place with durable elastic. This design allows a full range of motion, maximum comfort and ultimate confidence. Each mastectomy swimsuit can hold one or two breast prostheses.
  • Non-Prosthesis Pocket Swimsuits – Genae Girard took many breast cancer and post-reconstruction experiences into consideration when selecting swimwear appropriate for this category. While women that are post-reconstruction may not warrant a traditional mastectomy swimsuit outfitted for prosthetics, breast cancer treatment and scar sensitivity and visibility are important factors.
  • Comfortable nude celebrities Swimsuit Bottoms – For women that have had surgical procedures and need more supportive and comfortable bottoms that smooth lesbian videos the stomach. Lands’ End offers swimwear suitable for breast cancer survivors that simply provides coverage and comfort.

Lands’ End also offers an 800 phone hot milfs line (at 1-800-675-4853) to help with more detailed swim fit questions; with dedicated Swim Fit Experts that have been trained to address the specific swimwear needs of breast cancer survivors.