The final step when designing a room is selecting accessories to complete the look. When choosing the right accessories it is important to use the principles of interior design. In addition to incorporating scale, color, texture, repetition and rhythm, accessories should reflect your personality and create an inviting atmosphere.

When purchasing accessories it is imperative to select milfs the correct scale for your room. For instance a small paper weight on a large table or a large floral arrangement on a coffee table would not be the best option. An area rug is one of the most important pieces in any room; it provides a foundation and defines the space in a large area. You can use the rug to incorporate pillows with colors and textures that bring the eye from the floor to the sofa to make a connection.


When introducing accent colors using a variety of decorative objects can have an impact. As an example, the three daisy chain vases in the photo to the left are simple but gives an extra punch of color without being overwhelming and provides visual stability for a room.


While symmetry tends to convey a formal tone, asymmetry communicates a more casual feel. This, however, is not set in stone. For instance, if you hang a cluster of mismatched framed mirrors on a wall and then border the grouping with two larger rectangular mirrors, it creates a visual interest and prevents a cluttered look.


Art work is a great accessory which creates a strong focal point that defines a space and can reflect your personality. Keep in mind that art and mirrors do not need to hang on a wall. They can be set on a mantel or leaned against a wall to create a more casual feel.


If you have collections of small items, group them together and use risers to achieve different heights. A grouping of nicely framed family photos of different sizes will create a wonderful conversation area on an end table (a candle will accent this perfectly). When placing family photos a rule of thumb to keep in mind is that formal pictures look better in a formal room, casual pictures in casual room.


If you want a dramatic look – go large. Consider the vases on the console table to the left. Because of the tall ceiling this space can handle the oversized glass containers with tall dried grass. Using coffee beans adds a great texture not to mention the terrific aroma.


Table top books work well on a large coffee table in addition to generating great conversations. Plants and floral arrangements bring an organic element and go with just about any style room. Decorative coasters are a must when entertaining in your home. In addition to the small accents, your guests will feel comfortable knowing where to place their drinks.


These are just a few design tips and remember accessioning your home is like accessorizing your clothing – it will nude celebrities reflect your style and personality. In short, it will project who you really are as a person.


Have fun when selecting your accessories and don’t be afraid to lesbian videos step out of the box. And remember sometimes less is more!


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