Righteous Entertainment launches “Candy and Tea”, an insightful short film inspired by the Martin / Zimmerman incident. It is a poetic and profound exploration written and directed by Moe Lynch, and produced along with his wife Nicki Lynch. It explores the back story to the 2 main characters of the tragic incident that occurred in Sanford, FL. (Watch the short film at www.candyandtea.com )

Andy White, President of the Neighborhood Watch Committee is determined porno gay to take a stand. A victim of bullying as a child, he grows into an adult who finally resolves to fight back! Unfortunately his fight starts with a young hooded teen walking down the street, carrying candy and tea. The short film illustrates why we should not be quick to generalize when people are custom made…

Intended to invoke intelligent conversation, Righteous Entertainment is launching “Candy and Tea” online, encouraging people to submit their comments regarding the film and the incident. “We are asking people to examine cartoon porn videos themselves and see just how much we generalize people based on our personal experiences” says Nicki Lynch co-creator of the film. “We shouldn’t just assume the shooter was racially motivated, or that the young man was a thug, simply based on their appearances.”

In addition to the hot milf online viewing, Moe and Nicki Lynch are encouraging various groups to host public forums, for an open discussion regarding the film and tragic incident. “We would be happy to bring a screener copy for viewing and help facilitate intelligent and peaceful conversation,” says Nicki Lynch. “I found it VERY interesting that while we were in our neighborhood filming Candy and Tea, we had 4 of our own little “Zimmermans” came out to harass us! We realized then, that this topic of “generalizing” is a lot more rampant than we thought. It’s time we bring awareness to the situation before someone else gets hurt.”

Visit www.candyandtea.com to view the film, engage in the conversation, or host a public forum.