The classic gin and tonic cocktail was introduced to the world in the 18th century by the army of the British East India Company in India, almost by accident, as they added gin to their daily intake of quinine-based tonic water to make the elixir more palatable. Tonic water was taken at this time as preventative for the dreaded malaria. And so the humble gin and tonic was created and to mark International Gin and Tonic Day and celebrate the beginnings of the most quintessentially British cocktail, Hendrick’s Gin has created a gin and tonic with an unusual twist, which pays homage to its modest beginnings.


Inspired by a lesbian porn ‘lassi’, a traditional yoghurt-based drink of the Indian subcontinent, the use of sweet Falernum liqueur and coconut water in this cocktail highlights one of the eleven botanicals found in Hendrick’s Gin – the zesty fresh taste of lemon peel.  The sweetness of these two ingredients act as a contrast to the sharpness of the lemon, bringing its flavour to the fore. Each month, Hendrick’s releases a new cocktail inspired by one of the seeds, fruits, flowers or roots found in Hendrick’s Gin.  Botanical Imbibing Day falls on a day of particular note in that month and heralds a new recipe for mixing with Hendrick’s Gin.


A Most Unusual Gin and Tonic

Ingredients 50ml porno gay Hendrick’s Gin

12.5ml freshly squeezed lime juice

12.5ml freshly squeezed lemon

50ml coconut lesbian videos water

15ml Falernum liqueur

Tonic water to taste (up to 30ml)

Method Build all ingredients in a highball glass over cracked celebrity nudes ice. Stir to chill and mix the tipple. Garnish with a both a cucumber and lemon wheel and a sprig of fresh mint.