On Tuesday the 10th of April at 7pm, Lab Theater hosts its Speakers Night, which centers its speakers around the themes of its upcoming show. The themes this month are: ethnicity, prejudgment, stereotypes, especially in the workplace.


Speakers will include Fort Myers area business-people and professionals, as well as the cast and crew of Polish Joke. Guests are welcome to join in the conversation. The play around which these themes are centered is David Ives’ Polish Joke. Himself of Polish extraction, Ives grew up hearing jokes about Polish people and so wrote this comedy about ethnic identity and the eternal American search for “roots.”


Young Jasiu is a Polish-American who has been taught not to value his own roots, so he decides to make his own, reinventing himself first as a non-ethnic everyman, then sampling several different ethnicities. In the end, by trying to get away from his ethnic background, Jasiu finds out who he is and porno gay about the ethnic richness in all of us.


If you’ve ever attended a Lab Theater Speakers Evening, on the Tuesday evening before each of our shows opens, you know that the theater is full of stimulating and insightful experts and scholars, presenting to an enthusiastic circle of interested and interesting classmates! Only $5 for non-members, and free to all members of The Laboratory Theater of Florida, the weekend opening will come alive for you after such a fun and fascinating Speakers Evening.


7:00pm at The Laboratory Theater of Florida – 1634 Woodford Ave. (2nd St. lesbian porn and Woodford) in historic Dean Park, downtown Fort Myers. See you there!

Polish Joke will be presented April 13, 14, 19-21, and 26-28 at 8 pm at 1634 Woodford Avenue (corner of 2nd Street and Woodford) in Fort Myers, FL. There will also be a 2 pm matinee on April 29. Tickets are $20, $12 for students. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR TICKETING PAGE!