Who is Christina Bracken

CB: I’m an highly energetic person who enjoys activities and love what I do. I was born in Germany and now living in Miami. This has allowed me to do even more due to its year round weather. I’m a mother of an amazing, beautiful and smart 21 old young daughter, along with my three dogs (2 chocolate labs, 1 German shorthaired pointer) and I’m married to the most fabulous man in the world.

You are an lesbian videos extreme player, what would be your daily routine.

CB: I like to start my mornings off with some exercise, be it karate, Yoga, a gym work out or a run with my dogs. Much of my time is spent traveling – visiting customers all over the world (we now have international distribution in Japan, Canada, porno gay Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle east and Panama). Our office in China, or traveling with sales reps in the US…


When I am at home I work with my team (known as my second family) on sales, product development and planning the future.


Being an cartoon porn vids active player as you are, is this how ZEMgear became to be?

CB: Yes, founded in 2009 by Frank Woods and I. We’re both seasoned industry professionals and In collaboration with product designer Matt Ochipa we developed a unique line of barefoot-technology footwear allowing users the full benefit of proprioception, awareness, balance and other health benefits that come along with using your feet as nature intended.


When did you start ZEMgear?

CB: We launched the first product in November of 2009, that was really exciting and we received such great support from our customers and friends. I’m very proud of our team and customers. They have allowed ZEMgear to win and be nominated in both 2011 and 2012 including the 3M IN-NEW-VATION award and FINALIST of the 2012 ISPO Brand New award; by offering a product for every barefoot lifestyle, from sports to the comforts of home.


How is it that you discovered that solution?

CB: You can say, I’m a barefoot professional, with all the activities I’m involved in. Since no one is born with shoes on their feet it is an easy exercise to explain why and how being barefoot can be beneficial. Proper foot-health is key to our well being. When we force our feet into hard soled shoes we compromise our feet’s ability to function the way they were intended to work. We muffle proprioception and limit foot agility, balance and our foot muscle’s natural strength. Arches exposed to arch support insoles stop to function as arches and collapse since they are not called on to be the natural support structure they naturally are (you don’t see arch support structures underneath bridges or under church hot milfs arches; they are meant to stand strong because they were constructed for that purpose).


What is the future of celebrity nude Christina Bracken?

My family, lots of travel (“maybe I’ll sail across the Atlantic lesbian porn again”) and expanding our team, as we are incorporating top-of-the–line systems and continue to design and deliver fun, affordable barefoot designs to our customers.