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Turn Every Drink Into A “Lite” One

It is a unique new product that could be called the “lite of the party”.

LiteRays are LED light projection glassware and LitePod units that can be attached to the base of most types of drinking glasses. LiteRays project dazzling image displays or text onto surrounding surfaces, including tables, bar tops, plates, serving platters, cakes, gift packaging and more — all emanating cartoon porn videos from the bottom of a glass.


The versatile, interchangeable LiteRays come in two types: one as a 1.5 oz. …

Economy And Education Of Los Angeles

The economy of a state matters a lot in the prosperity and progress of its country. That state then helps in this matter by excelling in the things in which he considered himself the best and then by exceeding in those things he makes the economy of his state the best and as well as the economy of its country too. Every state does have some qualities in which he are a master by birth similarly there are also some things which matters a lot in the advancement of the economy of the state of Los An…