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Christina Bracken – Endless Motion

Who is Christina Bracken

CB: I’m an highly energetic person who enjoys activities and love what I do. I was born in Germany and now living in Miami. This has allowed me to do even more due to its year round weather. I’m a mother of an amazing, beautiful and smart 21 old young daughter, along with my three dogs (2 chocolate labs, 1 German shorthaired pointer) and I’m married to the most fabulous man in the world.

You are an extreme player, what would be your daily routine.


Ethnic Stereotypes Is theme for Speakers Night at Lab Theater

On Tuesday the 10th of April at 7pm, Lab Theater hosts its Speakers Night, which centers its speakers around the themes of its upcoming show. The themes this month are: ethnicity, prejudgment, stereotypes, especially in the workplace.


Speakers will include Fort Myers area business-people and professionals, as well as the cast and crew of Polish Joke. Guests are welcome to join in the conversation. The play around which these themes are centered is David Ives’ Polish Joke. Himself of Po…

Mistakes In Home Landscaping

Landscaping is an essential tool in maintaining the interiors and exteriors of our home. However you always need a bit of planning before you do some landscaping. Without planning there are various mistakes that you can commit making your landscape appear less attractive than it otherwise would have been. The best way to improve the landscape is doing it yourself because you are the one who knows the most about the place and its deficiencies.

The first mistake the people commit is that they h…