If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, you will have no doubt encountered these Four types of people.

It’s important to indentify these types early on so you can avoid and prevent them from victimizing you as a honest and hard working self employed sales person.

1. The “relentless shopper” type will run you ragged! They will chase any and all carrots dangled in front of them from any source. (i.e. the internet shopper) They will listen to anyone and believe anything they see or hear from minute to minute.  Other experienced sales people, who easily identify them, will often “Low Ball” them to ensure they are never able to come close to what they hot milfs tell them and to ensure they get last crack at them.

This type is never happy, always feeling they could have done better, no matter how good of a deal they are getting or what all has been done for them. They will constantly question what is being offered to them, constantly forwarding you info from other sources which does not even apply to their situation or from their Low Ball sources and expect you to match a lie.  They are very hard to help because they jump all over the lesbian videos board and won’t concentrate on the task at hand. These type, more often then not, will shop their selves right out of a good deal.

2. The “perpetual victim” type will always feel they are being done wrong.  They always feel they are getting the run around and being taken advantage of by everyone, every step of the way.  Everyone is out to get them and they always get the short end of the stick.

No matter if you’ve bent over backwards for them and they have been treated better than most, they will complain constantly about being treated poorly or being taken advantage of by the whole world every day!  Even the most menial and norman issues that come up are all because you and the rest of the world are out to get them and do them wrong.

3. The “know it milf porn all” type, even though they have relatively little or no experience at something, they will suddenly become complete experts and will refuse to listen to reason and good advice by those who have far more experience.  It will be very clear from the start that they truly have very little knowledge or clueless about what they are doing and will bounce all over the board. This type will talk over you, try to finish your sentences and basically with not shut up and listen!

This type will read something online or talk to a friend or family member to obtain just enough irrelevant and inaccurate information about their situation to be dangerous, causing unnecessary and avoidable issues all along the way. They will create and bring non stop problems upon their selves simply because they won’t shut up listen to good reason and advise for those who know what they are doing.  But this type will never admit they are clueless.  When you try to help them, they will say they will do as you advise, but will then do the complete opposite, creating more unnecessary problems.  Again, this type will not shut up from the very beginning which is an early warning sign.

4. The “jump ship” type, The Worst! The old cliché, “Buyer’s are Liars” apply best to this type.  Beware, as they have a cartoon porn videos hidden agenda to locate someone with the most experience, to use and abuse their good faith efforts! An early warning sign that you are dealing with this type is they are the first to stress to you how honest and loyal they are and how they expect nothing but the same in return from you.  They are also usually the nicest in the beginning, acting like your very best friend each time they contact you, telling you they are referring their friends to you in effort to obtain as much of your knowledge, time and effort for their benefit.  This type will thank you repeatedly each time they contact you for help and advice or to have you work on an issue for them.  This type will contact you after hours and even on weekends, each time apologizing and saying that they are so sorry and hope you don’t mind the inappropriate call time. They will put on this fake act the whole way, right up until they suddenly and without warning “jump ship” the very second they feel they’ve been able to suck just enough of your knowledge to use elsewhere for their benefit.

Then get ready, because like clock work, they will suddenly refuse to return your calls and emails the very second they are able extract enough of your knowledge to the point they feel they don’t need you anymore.  Remember, prior to this 180 degree sudden change, they would respond within minutes, sometimes within seconds while they were working you and needed something.  Now you’ll find, when this type accidently forgets to screen your call and you actually get them on the phone, they will tell you how sorry they are for not responding, but they have suddenly become very busy and are now much too busy to even talk with you.  Remember, before this you couldn’t get them to end a phone call with you!  You’ll hear all kinds of excuses why they have suddenly stopped returning your contacts, everything from they’ve put things on hold, telling you a family member has passed away or is in the hospital or they’ve been really sick or they’ve been in a bad car wreck, you’ll hear everything under the sun but the truth. They will then ask you if they can call you right back, but never do.

Or, this lowest of this type will search for some insignificant issue or simply fabricate something to blame you for to justify their dishonest actions. They know what they have done to you is nothing less than deviant and dishonest, but the facts are, this type of person simply does not care about you!  This type has absolutely no consideration for you time and effort and are completely void of integrity, honesty and loyalty to those who they’ve use along the way to get what they want. It’s all about them and what they can get for themselves, no matter how low they have to go!  nude celebs What is almost universal about this type is as follows; If you could look into their past and talk with those who’ve had contact with them, you’d find a long history of this inconsiderate, dishonest and deviant behavior which even extends to their friends and family as well.

Yet, what’s most amazing about this type is they’ll complain, kick and scream the loudest the very second they feel they have been done wrong!  They absolutely can not even stand the thought of someone doing to them what they routinely doing to others!