If you have not yet seen Michael Beauchemin’s artwork then you have not seen all there is to cartoon porn videos art.  Michael’s work is best described as unique and non-traditional with a splash of autobiographical inspiration and a pinch of psychedelic flavor.  Michael describes his own work as “semi-autobiographical; an examination of real life events rendered non-referential, as time and space is skewed in order to illustrate simultaneous observations and emotional reactions to the subject matter.”  Others have described his artwork as a marriage of photorealism with altered states of consciousness.  The truth is his work is an anomaly.

Why? Because of the nostalgic thread throughout many of his pieces, and we all relate to nostalgia as at some point in our lives we have had a longing for the past or the “good old days.”   But is this really true? Do we really long for the past and was the past that perfect?  This is the irony and these are the conversations that Michael Beauchemin’s work explores that lead him to the coinage of “Rotorealism,” where reality rotates around dream miscalculations.  Michael’s work presents juxtaposition; both thematic and on canvas as his colors are fierce in contrast but as the same time there is a unique synthesis and control.

Born in Connecticut, Michael was inspired by his father who was also an artist and a draftsman.  Michael remembers at an early age sitting in front of the TV drawing his favorite characters from Saturday morning cartoons.  As early as twelve he participated in his first art show in Mystic, Connecticut.  He graduated from high school and was awarded with Rufus Rose Scholarship and attended Massachusetts College of Art.  He later moved to Fort Lauderdale and worked for an ad agency. His first body of work consisted of six-foot high canvases depicting Frankenstein’s monster and bride, and a montage of sci-fi horror movie images outlined in menacing black shadows.  Michael has received national recognition which provided opportunities to meet Bob Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Peter Max and Jim Dine. Michael also met Elton John who once purchased one of his pieces. Michael, who is usually gregarious, for the first time said he was tongue-tied. Subsequent art shows in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica afforded him an opportunity to meet other celebrities.

Michael’s work gives us an exploration of many things; truth, surrealism, inspiration and humor. He now resides in Southwest Florida where there is increasing interest in the arts and so much community involvement for nude celebrities special events that enrich everyone’s life.