Amberose is a young artist who knows how to make bold splashes of colors featuring the beautiful shapes and intelligence of various animals in her art work. “Birds, horses and fish are my thing” she says.  “They have such a flow to them. It’s hard to explain, it’s all in my head. “Horses were my love when I was little, that’s all I drew. Everybody teased me for being ‘the horse drawer,’ but that was my passion.”

Amberose also paints pictures of people like the “La Virgen de Guadalupe- Mother of all Mexico,” in which she always wanted to redo since she was a child.

“This had always been my goal and now I have the talent, I did it.” It went to the Epiphany Cathedral 50th anniversary gala. I donated a giclee reproduction to the Epiphany Cathedral 50th anniversary gala fundraiser. The painting was auctioned to raise money for the school. The piece now hangs in the corridor of the school I attended for 8 years. It’s my interpretation of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and it means a lot to me. I used amber roses to represent the flowers that appeared in Mexico on the hill of Tepeyac during the winter of 1531.

Amberose Courville grew up in, Sarasota, FL, attended Epiphany Cathedral and graduated in the top seven in her Venice High School class of 2009. Her father is a local architect and artist. “My dad has his Bayou Buddy cartoon characters, and was always into art. Since I was little I always said “I’m gonna be an artist like daddy.”

Her dad attests, “she’s been drawing since she could hold a crayon. To keep her quiet in church, I would give her the little tithe envelopes to draw on.”

Amberose also credits Craig Seidell, her high school art teacher, who helped her develop into a blossoming young artist. She is opposite the reserved artist that locks themselves in a room for hours to create the next masterpiece.  Owning a very bright, optimistic personality she creates art that is extremely colorful and full of nude celebrities energy. Her pieces have won local awards, and have been recognized nationally. Her depiction of a cocky rooster, “Tyson”, won the Congressional Art Award, and it is hanging in the tunnel between the White House and Congress. Another nationally recognized painting produced by Amberose is a brilliant blue horse, “Blue Rider”, which won second place in the 2009 National League of American Pen Women.

Amberose shows her personality in her work.  For example in “Tropical Companions” she painted a bird that had feathers that looked like pineapple leaves by accident, so “I just lesbian porn started morphing them into pineapples.”

Her paintings are big and beautiful. “I find that I like working in a large scale to blow up and show the beauty of my subjects instead of just doing this small little art piece. I look at the small stuff and it kind of makes me yawn.”

Being so talented and artistically creative, one would assume that Ringling School of Art or Full Sail would be first on her list of colleges to attend; however, Amberose decided to go to Florida Gulf Coast University to develop her networking and social skills outside of art, instead of an exclusive art school. “I’m not sold on what I want to do with my life. I’m very open for change.