When I walked into the studio at KDW Radio, Bob Ricci was already in full swing interacting milf porn with the team from Focus Magazine and the producers of the radio talk show.  Bob had a composure that showed presence and personality.  His persona filled the room and of course it should when you make people laugh on a day to day basis.  After the chit chat, it was time to get to business.   Five, four, three, two, one… “Welcome, this is Ann Gordon on KDW Radio and joining us today are the Focus Magazine family and Bob Ricci.” With this introduction we learned about Bob Ricci’s art, writing and singing about parodies since he was a teen. Bob explained how he got into playing music and how his knack of comedy opened doors into a career when he wrote, She Blocked Me, a parody of She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd.  The song since then has been turned into a flash animation by Samb.  By definition, a parody is a literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule; however, the author of the parody has appreciation for the original work. Of course, Bob already know this as he shows “dedication to the integrity of the artists’ and his own music.”

The song, She Blocked Me, tells the story of a guy who makes a Face book friend with a girl. As the “friendship” develops over a period of time through many conversations, the girl blocks him.  For all those who are not keen on the term; “block” refers to a stop that is placed on a particular friend on the social network, so that friend is not a “friend” anymore.  Well how does that relate to you?  Perhaps it doesn’t.  But for all those who are affiliated with social networking, you know being “blocked” is not good.  Its equivalence could possibly be a no show on a date.  Another song written by Bob that was a success was Mrs. Claus, a naughty song that tells of an infidelity that began when a ‘sleigh mechanic’ came by to fix Santa Claus’ sleigh.  Again seen in flash animation the humor is anticipated, as Santa gets really mad and chases the sham out his house.

[flashvideo file=swflvideos/br.flv /]

But why parodies? Other than being humorous and having that silly quality, parodies hold many truths that we often experience on a day to day basis.  Bob is now working on a third album as his fans want more.  Bob’s fans are somewhere in the millions, based on CD sales and internet traffic, and you could be one of Bob’s Facebook friends at http://www.facebook.com/bobriccimusic.